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i ordered what i thought was a free trial of teeth whitening gel from on the internet and the other day when i received my bank statement they had taken £57;86 out of my account on the 09/07/10 On the box thetooth whitening gel came in it says the website's address is and on the the bank statement it clearly says Dazlingbrite and the number 8667778 but no particular address . Also i have no telehone number. I cannot remeber the exact day i ordered the product but it was obviously before the 9th of july

Monetary Loss: $87.

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:( Be very careful with this company, I though it was a Free Trial and now they are taking my money twice of $87.47 and so many times charges for $2.62, $1.49, $2.95 $0.8, $0.4, I have a balance of $352.21 and now I need my money back, I dont even had the merchandise, please send me ASAP my money, email address and my phone number is 2024459715.

STOP lying and taking money from so many people!!!!!!!


Watch out for this scam!!! Can come through as Dazzling White or Bright White or Vivid White.

Have been charged 4 times in one month. Look out for small amounts as well as the $87 or £58 figure!!!!

This is really horrible and clearly the company is a fraud worldwide -- just another internet scam. Advise - cancel your debit card now!!!!!!


I ordered free sample (I thought) and my bank account was charged $87.47. I was not thinking when I gave them my account number. I have no address or number to contact or cancel.

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