scam on website w/ Vibrant Smile.Supposedly free 14dy trial-but starts w/date of order!No invoice or contact#no info to call or return product(was garbage)trying to get help from bank n advised callFTC#877-382-4357 or Federaltradecommission.com.This co needs to be taken down n refund the $$$.The online ad was a supposedly recommendation from thrilled customer using both products together.Now the other co denies any knowledge of Vivid White.

Shipping label says FCM W/ or proc ctr Chicago but mailed from zip 33020.due to the difficulty I had trying to contact them i never returned the first shipment, even tho the product was subpar. The shipment includes 4 vials of "whitening gel",mouth trays,case and instruction guide. The "gels" were so watery that one had already leaked out upon arrival, and the other one i tried poured out all over, burned my mouth, so that I had no interest in using the others. I am furious that a company can continue to mail me a defective product and that I have no way to contact them, although my bank continues to debit my account.

off to the bank now to see what I can do, but I strongly urge prople to make the effort to complain to the FTC.I was 1st advised to call FDA who referred me to FTC.


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