They sell you a trial package for a few bucks and bill you, they give you a 10 day trial offer which starts when you sign up. By the time you get the product, 2-3 weeks have gone by and they have sent you more product, they bill you a few bucks and then bill you again the same day for $90.00 some odd number more money and this happens real quick a few times, by the time you realize what's going on they have you for a few hundred dollars that they don't refund no matter what.

The product I received when I finally got it is scary, the box is not sealed, there was 4 needle type things in it and one was a liquid and three a gell , I read the instructions and it didn't mention the liquid one. One week later I received the next parcel and it had 4 needle type things and they were all gells , something is wrong with the one on my first shipment and it is leaking.

I have spoken with this phone centre and they will not help you, the company originates in Panama, it's a scam. If you want to cancel you dealings with them they warn you if you try to get the credit card company to credit you back they will post your info on the fraud internet data base to give you a bad rating, I'm not worried about this, these people need to be taken out of business.

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